Using Dead Sea salt and rock salt, a brand new technology has been created which utilises natural methods for curing patients, offering the best health care protection and prevention against various diseases; the ultimate aid in all manner of rehabilitations.
      The ‘Salt Cave’ possesses special, revolutionary bacteria which ensure an extremely clean and unique micro climate. Mineral extracts (beneficial base elements, teaming with micro organisms) keep the temperature at a constant 20-22 degrees celsius, generating an air of negative ions and positive health! And they also contain the most vital chemical elements for good health, such as iodine, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, calcium and selenium – as well as numerous other important minerals.
       The courses and cures consist of the use of comfortable relaxation chairs, as well as the use of specially selected music and appropriately mixed sound effects (such as the ocean, birds, wind, etc) accompanying it, which aids in the body’s ability to open up and achieve total relaxation. The light used in the ‘Salt Caves’ has been developed to cater for all needs and provide a full range of therapeutic effects, creating an overall pleasant environment. The warm colours (such as red, orange and yellow) actively invigorate the body with their vibrant energies, whereas the cool colours (such as indigo, violet and blue) aid in dissolving tension and work to calm and relax the nerves.
        One session in the Salt Caves is the equivalent of 1 full day spent by the seaside in an ocean environment! Guests can come in their own clothes and receive disposable foot apparel. Kids receive a discounted, concession price. Everyone is warmly welcome.
‘SALT CAVES’ are recommended for the following health problems:
·    Asthma and bronchitis
·    Chronic inflammations of the ear and throat
·    Chronic sinus infections
·    Chronic respiratory infections
·    Dust allergies and conditions
·    Various types of allergies and sensitivities
·    Skin disorders
·    Heart and circulatory disorders
·    Neurological problems
·    Fatigue
·    Stress
·    Lowered immune system
·    Thyroid problems
·    Bowel conditions
The installation of “Salt Caves”
’Salt Caves’ are provided to our clients, with the key in hand, ready for operation.
We are responsible in insuring that our clients receive all the salt care equipment, ready to be set up. These are the following: 
·    Air technique devices: with climate filters (air conditioning) and vent systems,
     as well as floor heating
·    Light therapy equipment: special multi-light LED’s, globes and controls
·    Sound therapy audio system; unique individual island sound effects.
·    Relaxation chairs, with moveable back rests and head pillows with changeable sheets.
     The two types of mineral salt (Dead Sea salt and rock salt), depending on the base of the floor area (approximately 10 tonnes per 25km sq) are supplied for the building; these enable an authentic limestone visual image experience. Our company also insures all necessary granting of permits for operation. We also supply extra permits, depending
on the requirements of guests. Guests’ are able to create their registration with our programme packs (such as the camera video system).
    The ‘Salt Cave’ installation requires a minimum of 15m sq floor space and insures approximately 5 relaxation chairs.
      In everyday life, when one is asked to think of salt, one automatically thinks of table salt; few people know that this form of salt actually comes from a reduction of natural salt: natrium and chloride – 2 elements. Salt found in nature, apart from containing these, also contains 82 other elements, not only whose quality is important, but also its quantity.
Even in ancient times this healing power was widely acknowledged.
     The basic principle of our ‘Salt Cave’ is to make these vital elements attainable for
our guests: natural salt, which contains irreplaceable chemicals vital for all life sustaining activities. The living organs in everyone’s body have the 2 basic needs of water and minerals from salt. No kind of life can sustain itself or exist a in meaningful way without these: thus, this combination (salt, water and these minerals) is what is essential to the maintenance of the human body’s constant equilibrium and osmotic pressure.
Our bodies’ fluid space is so that blood equals 1% salt solution (this is what in the chemical profession is referred to as 0.9% ‘physiological’ salt.) If this balance cannot
be maintained and is upset, often due to far too much artificial (i.e.–table salt) consumption, the body and its organs respond with numerous symptoms. The most common of these is high blood pressure. However, natural salt is able to restore this balance and can detoxify our bodies.
       One of the most important basic principles of the ‘Salt Caves’ is to make newly available for our sick patients this ancient treatment and method of recovery, which has been known for 1000’s of years, but has been ‘forgotten’. The salt, which can cure numerous diseases, which are difficult to treat with conventional medicines; or at least it can promote an improvement in the patients’ wellbeing and so it helps safe guard their health.
The Natural forms of Salt
    Dead Sea Salts
        Occurring abundantly in natural environments, the largest such salt deposits are found in salt water. Evaporation of these deposits isolates the salt, which, after a cleansing process is then ready to be exported and used.
        On the border of Israel and Jordan, below sea level, lies the Dead Sea: a unique treasure of nature. Because of its unique location, the salt from it has unparalleled
healing powers and a high consistency of around 30% raw salt in its make-up and its homeopathic abilities have increasingly become a valued tool in the medical profession.
It has an exceptional anti-phlegm fighting ability, reducing inflammation, and is highly prized in the protection against various skin disorders, breathing difficulties, joint problems, muscle pain and also plays a giant role in beautification. 
 The most important elements and base elements 
Cal (mg/l)
Mg (mg/l)
Na (mg/l)
Ca (mg/l)
K (mg/l)
Br (mg/l)
       Rock salt and Crystal salt
 In naturally protected places and hidden deep within the earth, one can find salt.
Dry climates and hot areas, sealed off from the ocean’s bays and dry land large inland lakes are formed by the strong evaporation and cases of the waste water being replaced. Under huge pressure, the salt becomes crystallized and bonds with numerous other highly significant and beneficial minerals, making the end product very readily available for consumption by the human body. Such ‘Salt Caves’ exist in nature, in locations such as Wieliczka and Parajd, both of which have a long history of being highly successful working sanatoriums.
Salt Cave’ working order : Salt’s effects on our bodies.
          Our ‘Salt Caves’ use the Dead Sea’s and rock salt’s natural effects: these extraordinary techniques which have been built up over a very long period of time are combined with a unique service which also gives us the colours and sound effects and their healing power. In the cave, one experiences a highly unique microclimate, which is very advantageous for the body in creating balance against negative ions. The ever present evaporating and moving salt creates a negative ion charge which counteracts and heals the body’s harmful positive charges (from such stimuli as electro smog, cigarette smoke), ties them together and restores the body’s natural balance.
          Salt and such elements are essential to life and the body cannot be without them: it has many important and significant effects, which act locally on the body. Its advantages are that is fast effecting; it is a natural material, has a local high salt concentration and has systematically been shown to have no harmful side effects in treating:
·    Inhalation – high and low air passages which are inflammation reducing, treating mucolyticus neck phlegm and spasmolytic spasm effects.
·    Cleanses and helps tear up chronic catarrh and promotes a natural cleaning of the air passages.
·    It’s a natural antihistamine, reducing the impact of allergic problems.
·    Inflammation reducing and disinfecting effects – used to treat numerous skin disorders in specialist cases, such as ringworm and eczema.
·    Saves the body from becoming too acidic. Stimulates in maintaining the balance necessary in the body for correct water storage and circulation.
·    Contains vital elements for the body and essential materials for a well functioning well maintained nervous system; it cannot do without such minerals! It is also highly important for the muscles and nerve impulses cannot create electronic charge in the absence of salt.
·    Plays an important role in regulating blood flow and the up keeping of the heart and veins.
·    Immune system is strengthened.
         Even without the ingredient of salt, we strive for a quality service to ensure maximal relaxation, dissolving stress and finding relief to achieve all round “wellness”.
          The colours with their special electromagnetic resonations, wavelengths and frequencies, have a significant influence on us, independent of whether or not we are conscious of this. All colours offer various life lesson (vital) effects on our bodies.
·    Increases the body’s temperature, stimulates blood circulation and helps the formation of adrenalin
·    Reduces feeling of fatigue, tiredness, chronic disease and disorders
·    Fights thin blood problems and
·    Thick bowel inflammations and
·    Chronic cold and allergic colds as well as facial sinus inflammations
·    Inflamed joints and arthritis
·    Anti depression
·    Regulates the digestive process
·    Strengthens the stomach
·    Is good for the liver
·    Is beneficial for the nervous system
·    Helps provide all round benefits for the skin
·    More intensive and cohesive, disinfecting and cooling effect.
·    Strong benefit for the sense organs (ear, nose, eyes)
·    Spasm relief
·    Promotes good sound sleep
·    Without the need for pain relief tablets
·    Good for nervous system and neurotic disorders
·    Works for asthma
·    Recommended for stomach and bowel cleansing
·    Harmony creating
·    Used for heart conditions
·    Fights colds and infections
·    Good for headaches
·    Can help treat eye diseases
·    Useful against infections
·    Good for the vein networks without side effects
·    And is recommended for treating the nervous system
·    Relaxes and harmonises nerves
·    Calms headaches
·    Promotes endocrine system circulation
·    Effective for hormonal problems
·    Used against bad and malignant tumours
In the caves, complimenting these colours are our specially created and derived relaxing sound effects, which can be heard, ensuring a total relaxing experience.
We hope we have been able to educate you and arouse your interested in the installation and operations of our ‘Salt Caves’, which we offer to you with our foremost and genuine sincerity. For all further information regarding on how to get started, please contact us confidentially and we can arrange to supply you with all the necessary information.

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